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In this webinar, Dr. Elena Lumen presents the results of her dissertation research on the value of astrology as a system of meaning. Most of the previous studies of astrology were rooted in the cause-an-effect paradigm borrowed from natural sciences, concerned with the "objective" validity of astrological claims or principles. They did not take into account the "subjective" element of interpretation -- the mind of astrologer and that meanings found with astrology are inseparable from the consciousness of the interpreter. In her research, Dr. Lumen employed a qualitative phenomenological method that takes into account the multidimensional and systemic nature of astrology as well as how the astrologer's mind participates in the meaning making process.
The results of this study indicate that when used symbolically astrology provides a unique metaphoric and symbolic language useful for apprehending meaning of personal and interpersonal experiences. Astrology particularly appeals to the participants as a system of meaning because it provides a broad spiritual and philosopical context to their experiences; something that was unavailable to them through other systems of knowledge.There are also considerable psychological benefits in the study of astrology such as verifcation of the sense of self, understanding others, and increased sense of purposefulness and certainty.
Bio: Elena Lumen, PhD, is a traditional western astrologer and psychotherapist, with a busy counseling and astrological practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. Elena is the graduate of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, where she received training in clinical psychology with specialization in creative expression. She wrote her dissertation on the value and appeal of astrology as a system of meaning. In her practice, she combines elements of metaphor and symbolic work, astrology, and creative expression. Since 2000, Elena has been a professional practicing astrologer specializing in horary, electional, and traditional astrolog
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Astrology and Meaning: Finding meaning and guidance with astrology