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Ensuring top notch SQL Server backup and recovery is easily attainable when you know which common mistakes to avoid. Discover what these common mistakes are in our webcast: How to Avoid Five Painful SQL Server Backup and Recovery Mistakes.

We’ll be presenting invaluable ideas culled from thousands of discussions with SQL Server administrators about their backup and recovery strategies. Join us and discover how you can avoid these common slip-ups that can make database recovery nearly impossible, and waste significant time, money, and effort, including:

• Generating excessive storage costs
• Running full and/or uncompressed backups that exceed maintenance windows
• Using flawed backup procedures that break SQL Server recovery
• Failing to optimize the actual recovery environment, prolonging restore times
• Neglecting to test key business applications after performing a restore

David Gugick and David Swanson            

David Gugick manages the LiteSpeed business for the Data Protection business unit at Dell. David brings more than 20 years of technical and management experience in application development, database design, and product and portfolio management to Dell.

David Swanson works as a Senior Software Systems Consultant at Dell. In the past 13 years David has taken on several roles in IT including support, software development, DBA, sales engineer, product management and consultant.


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See how to avoid five incredibly painful SQL Server backup and recovery mistakes