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Are they pointing fingers at SQL Server? Here’s how to prove they’re wrong.

You can easily set things straight when other system admins wrongfully point fingers at your SQL Server environment after problems arise. See how in our Expert’s Perspective webcast  featuring SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar.

Brent encountered this situation first hand when his SQL Server kept getting blamed by the SAN admin when problems occurred. It wasn’t until Brent became the SAN admin himself that he discovered the ugly truth. Join us and see how SQL Server, VMware and SAN storage can easily work together – and how to find out right away if it’s really a SAN problem. Join us and learn more about:

- Using a T-SQL script to rapidly assess the health of your servers
- Using SQL Server wait stats to prove if the server is waiting on storage
- Microsoft SQLCAT disk latency recommendations
- Simplifying storage testing
- Getting ballpark numbers to compare your storage throughput
- Brent’s SAN best practices


Brent Ozar is a Microsoft Certified Master, MVP, speaker, and a published author. He is a former DBA, SAN admin and virtualization admin who specializes in database performance tuning, virtualization, and storage.  He likes cruise ships, Lady Gaga, Apple gear, foodie restaurants, and the fact that his career doesn’t involve the Bering Sea.

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Are they pointing fingers at SQL Server? Here’s how to prove it’s a SAN Problem!