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Achieving Maximum Availability and Performance of SQL Server with SANLess Clustering
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In this webinar Dave Bermingham, Microsoft Cluster MVP, will examine SANLess SQL Server performance and availability options for both on premise and in the Amazon EC2 Cloud.  You'll learn how to accelerate SQL Server and achieve maximum uptime and data protection for mission critical workloads like SQL, SharePoint, Lync, Dynamics - without costly and complex shared storage.

Cast aside the Bottlenecks and cost of SAN-based clustering and learn new ways to leverage the latest storage technologies without sacrificing performance or availability. He'll be covering methods for making SSD and Flash-based PCIe storage Highly Available and how to take Native SQL Failover Clusters into the Amazon Cloud.

Topics covered include:

- How to Leverage locally attached high speed storage solutions to accelerate SQL Server without sacrificing availability

- Benefits of AlwaysOn Failover Clustering vs. AlwaysOn Availability Groups

- Availability options of SQL Server Standard Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

- How to Increase the availability of your SQL Server Amazon EC2 instances

About Dave Bermingham
Dave is the Senior Technical Evangelist at SIOS Technology, Corp and is one of a select few to hold the Microsoft Clustering MVP Status. Dave is also the creator and moderator of

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SANLess SQL Failover Clustering on the Ground and in the Cloud