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See how TempDB impacts your SQL Server performance.

As a DBA, you constantly seek ways to optimize database performance. One option is TempDB, a widely misunderstood system database that has a critical impact on how your SQL Server performs.

Learn more about this option in a live webcast featuring Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar, who has an abundance of experience with TempDB. By participating in this webcast, you’ll get answers to such questions as:

- What is TempDB?
- What does it do?
- How does SQL use it?
- How can I set it up?
- How can you really tell if it's a performance problem?

This session is designed for production DBAs with 1-5 years experience who've heard rumors about one data file per CPU core, but they're not sure why — or even if that's correct.  (Hint: it's not!)


Brent Ozar is a Microsoft Certified Master, MVP, speaker, and a published author. He is a former DBA, SAN admin and virtualization admin who specializes in database performance tuning, virtualization, and storage.  He likes cruise ships, Lady Gaga, Apple gear, foodie restaurants, and the fact that his career doesn’t involve the Bering Sea.

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The Secrets of TempDB