Introduction to SQL Server Indexing

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There are several areas of SQL Server that need to be configured and tuned to optimize database performance, one of these areas is SQL Server indexing.

In this session, we will discuss what you need to know about indexing to help improve database performance.

In this session we will cover these items:

- clustered and non-clustered indexes
- covering indexes
- indexes with included columns
- columnstore indexes
- index statistics
- how indexes are used for table joins
- indexing for WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY
- filtered indexes
- using DMVs to get insight into index usage
- query plans
- and more

Join us for this one hour webcast to learn about SQL Server indexing to improve your database performance.

About the presenter:
Greg Robidoux is the President and founder of Edgewood Solutions, a technology services company delivering services and solutions for Microsoft SQL Server. He has also a co-founder of a free community resource devoted to SQL Server. Greg has been working with SQL Server since 1999 and has authored numerous articles and delivered several presentations on various SQL Server topics.

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This recorded Webinar is only available for Windows 2000 or higher.