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This workshop is designed for state & county personnel conducting  a solicitation utilizing the small purchase method of procurement.  Includes a review of this procurement method and its place within the framework of procurement procedures; conditions under which this method of procurement may be used; explanation of  dollar thresholds, parceling and procedures that shall be followed, the HAR and HRS. Overview of:
1- Solicitation Development - specifications, criteria,  administrative requirements, etc.  
2- Solicitation Issuance-procedures for issuing, questions, confidentiality, etc.  
3- Evaluation and Basis for Award  - evaluating responses received, conditions for award.    
4- Award - notification and posting requirements, contracting requirements, etc.    
Brief review of Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) and HePS, Hawaii eProcurement System.
The following Webinar is not available:
SPO 120- Small Purchase Method of Procurement - 1/16/14